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Events in 2018-2019

June 14, 2019: Lecture at TORCH

I will be giving a lecture at The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities this Spring. Link and dates to come!

May 17-18, 2019: Keynote at Spiral Film and Philosophy Conference

I will be the keynote speaker at the Spiral Film and Philosophy Conference in Toronto. Dates and information can be found here

November 15, 2018: SLSA Conference in Toronto

In November I will present my paper “The Unthought Circuit: Virtual Reality and the Anthropo(s)cenic Imagination” from 4:30-6 PM.

October 13: Through The Singularity Panel at Imagine Science Film Festival

I join Caleb Foss and others in a panel discussion called Through the Singularity. “The structure and character of modern life is shifting in ways that would have been incomprehensible to previous generations. The films in this program chart highly varied and uncommon paths: sci-fi secret histories of the last thirty years of tech invention, found-footage dystopian micro-epics, calmly nightmarish yet believable accounts of the next stages of forced upgrading, poetic essays into the risks of close observation, and other haunting expeditions into a vastly interconnected 20XX and beyond.”

June 1st to June 3rd: Video Game Panel at Left Forum

I join Alfie Bown, Shawn Scott, and Doug Lane in a conversation about video games and VR at the Left Forum Conference in New York City. Check back for exact date and time!

My essay "Five Theses on Virtual Reality and Sociality" up on Public Seminar now

courtesy of Hyphen-Labs

courtesy of Hyphen-Labs

I explore the potential implications of VR for subjectivity and the social world. Published May 10th, 2018.

Zero Books Podcast

I talk with Doug Lane, the publisher of Zero Books, about The Animatic Apparatus and various other topics including virtual reality, the real, CGI, and post-cinematic affect.